A new way to get lost

Welcome to the first digital issue of get lost travel magazine. It’s new, it’s fresh and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already live and breathe the get lost lifestyle.

We’re an established lifestyle-brand committed to showcasing travel differently. For the last 16-years we’ve been dedicated to helping find the places, unearth the experiences, drink in the bars and discover the products that all combine to help you get up in the morning and take on the world. We keep being told that we live in uncharted times, so consider this first online issue as your new life raft. It is here to help you to turn off the noise. Forget carbon-copy package holidays, the usual click bait headlines and tourist traps being pushed into your social media news feeds. There should be no more boring travel news. This new online issue of our brand is your opportunity to dream again, your chance to immerse youself in those faraway places and remember that this special life of yours is not a rehearsal.

What makes get lost so special? Watch this video.

I want to start by taking you to one of our favourite places: the South Pacific.

Close your eyes for a moment. Can you smell that? That’s the intoxicating aroma of a fish on the grill, which you just caught while out spearfishing on a remote island in northern Vanuatu. Do you feel that stinging sensation of sweat on your brow? That’s your nerves as you begin your steep ascent up to Te Rua Manga (The Needle) in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. We think it’s a safe bet that countries like Vanuatu, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and French Polynesia are going to be among the first to welcome Australians once we can finally travel again, so we’ve created the South Pacific Cool Guide. It's the definitive list of where to sleep, eat, drink, surf and party on some of the most remote specks of sand scattered right throughout the southern Pacific Ocean. Elsewhere in this first digital issue we explore all the new late night adventures in the recently awarded 2032 Olympic city of Brisbane, we spotlight secret off-the-grid islands in New Zealand and highlight all the gear and gadgets you need to get back on the road. Yours in travel,

Jeremy Drake Editor

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