Poets and writers through the centuries have long attempted to describe India with words like colorful, chaotic, vibrant, tranquil, and timeless. To journey through the subcontinent is to dive into a kaleidoscope of sensation; The sour and sweet scents of street-food chaat vendors, the bursts of technicolor paint powder during Holi, the religious chants and songs and cries radiating over bustling cities and serene countrysides. For travel photographer and American filmmaker Christopher Carpenter, to travel through India is to engage with life in every one of its infinite raw forms, each drenched in spirituality. These incredible frames by this rising travel photographer are potent in their shapes, textures, and colours. More of Christopher’s images can be found on Instagram @christopherscottcarpenter and his website at christopherscottcarpenter.com

15mm ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/300

Photography © Christopher Carpenter

Travel photographer James Loveday saw this huge group of taxis and their drivers assembled at an impromptu meeting point on his first day in Marrakech, Morocco. The northern African city, he says, is a hectic mass of dust, crowds and new smells around every corner. Beautiful restaurants on second story terraces, thronging markets and a labyrinth of souks which are filled with spices and fabric. Like a movie set, every taxi in this shot was the same late 1970s model of Mercedes saloon (just coloured with a different pastel hue) all of which were still in pristine condition as if they’d just rolled off the factory floor. But there’s a greater and deeper meaning in this shot for Loveday, who believes most cars we drive today could be kept and maintained just like this for decades. Loveday believes our modern obsession with building thousands of new cars every day has led to not just over consumption, but also a lost art in the design of these classic automobiles. Check out more of James’ incredible shots over on his Instagram @jameslovedayphoto and his website jamesloveday.com

82mm ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/250, Canon EOS 6D

Photography © James Loveday

When photographer Travis Satur spotted this clutch of climbers from the edge of his Zodiac while on expedition in Antarctica, he knew he was onto a winning frame. Under an angry sky and above an unforgiving ocean, this is Earth’s final frontier for those travellers seeking the ultimate get lost experience. We’ve got chills just thinking about it.

Congratulations to Travis Satur for winning our Frame Your View competition. Travis has scored an Olympus camera for entering this incredible shot.


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